Philly Hypnosis Performance now at Willow Health

Philly Hypnosis Performance, Todd Stofka, CH, HNLP and Pat Donohue, CH, HNLP help people enhance, change and/or eliminate behaviors through the use of hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Psychology).

We help people to achieve peak performance in sports through the use of Sports Performance Psychology. We also help people to stop smoking, lose weight, relieve pain and anxiety including test anxiety, and provide executive and corporate coaching. This is just a short list of the services we provide.

We are now physically co-located with the Willow Health Food & Wellness Center in addition to our use of Skype for clients throughout the world.
Appointments for Philly Hypnosis Performance include evenings and Saturdays. Visit our website for additional information:

Take this opportunity to make your appointment for a free consultation by calling 877-557-7409.

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