Candle Making Combo Class – Beeswax & Soy

Georgeen teaches how to make soy candles and Barbara teaches how to make beeswax candles.  Twice a year we combine our classes so everyone in the class learns how to work with soy wax and beeswax.  There are lots of details such as what wick to use, what mold, what container and other details such as heating and pouring.

Georgeen will teach you how to make:

12 oz. Glass Jar
8 oz. Tin w/Lid

You will take home these candles and a printout of all instructions.

Barbara will teach you how to make:

Beewax pillars
Beeswax tealights

You will take home a pair of beewax pillars and a pair of tealights.

You must register to attend this class.  NO DROP INS!!
There is a $60 charge for this class

To register call 215-997-2838 or email

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