Space for rent in Chalfont PA

Willow Health Food & Wellness Center
4309 County Line Rd.
Chalfont, PA 18914

Willow Health has rooms for rent to practitioners or professionals who need a place to meet their clients. The rooms are 10’ x 10’ and 10’ x 9’.   We have a large room that is approximately 20′ x 10′.  We have room rates per day and per month. We are easy to find on County Line Road in Chalfont.

If there is any interest call 215-997-2838 and ask to speak with Barbara or post a reply here to start a conversation.

How to make lotion class

Date:  Friday, January 27
Time:  6 – 8 pm
Place:  Willow Health Food & Wellness Center
4309 County Line Rd.  Chalfont, PA 18914
Cost:  $40
To register for this class email barb@willowhealthfood.com

Want to make your own lotion that has ONLY healthy ingredients in it. No preservatives, No chemicals! It is easier then you think to make a lotion that is just as you LOVE IT.

 In this class:

  • We make lotion 3 different ways
  • We discuss the ingredients and the methods for making them
  • You will walk away with a sample size of each of the lotions we make

This class includes printed handouts of everything that is discussed including detailed instructions on how to make lotion and three recipes.

Barbara Myers is a Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Counselor & a Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner.  Barbara is also the owner of Willow Health Food & Wellness Center. 


Introduction to Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help class

Jin Shin Jyutsu® physio-philosophy is an ancient art of harmonizing the life energy in the body. Jin Shin Jyutsu brings balance to the body’s energies, which promotes optimal health and well-being, and facilitates our own profound healing capacity. It is a valuable complement to conventional healing methods, inducing relaxation and reducing the effects of stress.

For those of us addressing existing stress or health disharmonies, or for those simply wishing to participate actively in maintaining health, harmony and well-being, the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu is a simple and powerful tool, available to all!

You must register to attend this class.  To register call 215-997-2838 or email barb@willowhealthfood.com

January 25 & 28 from  1 – 3
February 15 & 18 from  1 – 3
Cost: $25
This is a single class, 2 hours long offered twice a month.

How to make soap class

Date:  Sunday, February 19
Time:  2:30 – 4:30 pm
Place:  Willow Health Food & Wellness Center
4309 County Line Rd.  Chalfont, PA 18914
Cost:  $40
To register for this class email barb@willowhealthfood.com

  • Learn about making soap
  • The history of soapmaking
  • The ingredients & equipment
  • The benefits of making your own soap
  • Where to purchase everything you need to make soap
  • We make a batch of cold process soap
  • This class includes printed handouts of everything that is discussed including detailed instructions on how to make soap.

You must register to attend this class.  To register, call 215-997-2838 or email barb@willowhealthfood.com
There is a $40 fee for this class.

How to Make Beeswax Candles

Class Date: Sunday, January 15, 2017
Time: 2 – 4 pm
Cost: $35

During this class you will learn how to:

  • Work with beeswax
  • All the wonderful qualities of beeswax
  • How to make tealights
  • How to make taper
  • The completely confusing topic of what wick is the best for this wax
  • I will share the important conclusions that I have come to over many years when it comes to making and burning beeswax candles. When I make a candle I want it to burn cleanly, burn all the way down without dripping and have no left over wax NOR a crater down the middle of the candle as paraffin pillars tend to do.
  • Everyone will get a pair of tealights & a pair of 6” tapers
  • A list of tried resources, local and on the internet will be provided

You must register to attend this class. To register call 215-997-2838 or email barb@willowhealthfood.com



Tuesday is Senior Day at Willow Health


Willow Health gives seniors a 10% discount everyday !!  On Tuesday’s we will DOUBLE that discount for seniors to 20% !!! 

Spread the word….Tuesdays are SENIOR DAY at Willow Health.

(exceptions do apply.  Sale items will not be discounted.  HOWEVER, if 20% off the regular price is a BETTER DEAL then the sale price, you will get the better deal.)







Chair Yoga & Aromatherapy

We have lots going on at Willow Health in 2017.  Aromatherapy sessions after Chair Yoga class. Check out our schedule and our offers for new and existing clients.  We believe in community here at Willow Health and our chair yoga community is growing and flourishing with great yoga, aromatherapy, and wellness tips and treats.


Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected blacklegged ticks. Typical symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, and a characteristic skin rash called erythema migrans. If left untreated, infection can spread to joints, the heart, and the nervous system. Lyme disease is diagnosed based on symptoms, physical findings (e.g., rash), and the possibility of exposure to infected ticks.  Laboratory testing is helpful if used correctly and performed with validated methods. Most cases of Lyme disease can be treated successfully with a few weeks of antibiotics. Steps to prevent Lyme disease include using insect repellent, removing ticks promptly, applying pesticides, and reducing tick habitat. The ticks that transmit Lyme disease can occasionally transmit other tickborne diseases. https://www.cdc.gov/lyme/


Willow Health Offers Thermography screening

Willow Health Food & Wellness Center is pleased to offer Whole Body Thermography.   Judy Roberson is the expert who will perform the screening.  Judy Roberson, LMT, PA School of Muscle Therapy, BA Biology, University of Delaware, has developed a practice she calls “Gentle Health Assessments” through years of watching her family’s health challenges and gathering the screenings that have most effectively helped them correct problems and stay well.  She has a deep interest in using these scans to help others stay well and/or get to the bottom of chronic health concerns.

For more information click here to go to our website and read about thermography.  You can also download the brochure HERE.

To make an appointment or have questions, call 215-997-2838

What is MRT

MRT (also called Muscle Response Testing or kinesiology) is a diagnostic technique that is useful in determining the nutritional needs of the body. Applied Kinesiology is currently being used by many healing disciplines: medical doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, osteopaths, holistic dentists, veterinarians and other practitioners.

MRT was developed in l964 by Dr.George Goodheart, DC. This technique allowed muscles to be tested for clinical and diagnostic purposes, not just to determine muscle strength. MRT was derived from the ancient art of Acupuncture, which was developed by the Chinese between 3000 and 25 BC.

The practitioner gently pushes down on the patient’s extended arm which is resisting the downward pressure. There are nutritional and organ points all over the body as with Acupuncture and Acupressure points. Touching a point that is experiencing a problem will cause a short circuit in the energy or nervous field and the arm will go weak. Once the weak points are located, MRT can then be used to find out what the body or mind will respond to in terms of a resolution to the problem.

Another important benefit of MRT is that it can show problem areas that are developing but would not be symptomatic yet. Thus, preventive care can be taken to resolve the problem areas.

How Does it Work?

The body has within it and surrounding it an electrical network or grid. If anything impacts your electrical system that does not maintain or enhance your health and your body’s balance, your muscles, when having physical pressure applied, are unable to hold their strength. (Muscle power is directly linked to the balance of the electrical system.) In other words, if pressure is applied to an individual’s extended arm while his body’s electrical system is being adversely affected, the muscles will weaken and the arm will not be able to resist the pressure. The circuits of the electrical system are overloaded or have short-circuited, causing a weakening of that system. However, if pressure is applied while his electrical system is being positively affected, the circuits remain strong, balanced and capable of fully functioning throughout the body. The muscles will remain strong, the person will easily resist and the arm will hold its position.

This electrical/muscular relationship is a natural part of the human system. It is not mystical or magical. MRT is the established method for reading the body’s balance through the balance of the electrical system at any given moment.

Soy Candle Making Classes @ Willow!

Friday, January 13, 2017 First Soy Candle class of 2017.  Join the event now

Tired of spending your money on over-priced candles?? Join us for a FUN & interactive class to learn how to make your own Soy candles!

Bring a friend or just yourself and enjoy this 2 Hour class.

Fee is 35$ and includes:
Make your own Soy candles in both:

  • 12oz glass jar
  • 8oz Tin

Step-by-step written instructions to take home with you
Use NON-GMO Natural Soy Wax and all-cotton wicks

Classes held Friday evenings 7pm – 9pm
Saturdays from 12pm – 1pm

Reserve your spot today….Contact Georgeen Harris for questions & scheduling @ 215-694-8928